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Why the LRM is just theory?

I had a discussion recently with a colleague about the usefulness of the Last Responsible Moment (LRM) in the context of a complex project. The LRM is when the Cost of Delay overweights the Benefits of Delay. In other words, it’s often

Team Commitment requires a Learning Organisation

Ken Schwaber explained the changes to Scrum in a Keynote at the Scrum Day in Germany. One major change is the renaming of the Sprint Commitment to Sprint Forecast. Ken said that some Product Owners were yelling to the team

Design Thinking in Software Development

Related to my last post on the need for documents during the design of software, I came across the topic of Design Thinking. Unlike analytical thinking, Design Thinking is aimed at building up ideas. It fits perfectly to agile methods,

The need for Documents

It’s common sense in the agile community that design is emerging during the development. Some extremist state that modelling before coding is not necessary at all. Well, that is not true. But is it necessary to create design documents to

Agile Architecture

A few weeks ago I had a nice chat with a senior manager in a large IT organization. This company is transforming to agile methods, first in R&D and now in IT. He is part of the enterprise architecture and