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COTS not always saving money

Companies  use nowadays more and more Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software products. I have seen many of these projects that launch a big software product within an larger IT organization. My feeling is that it not always helps the

.NET and Good Software

I have found a post on the State of the .NET Culture. It reminds me on a project which I did recently in the role of the Scrum Master. There were some .NET developers in the team. We took over

Technical Debt

I found the blog of Bredex, a small company in the north of Germany I have worked 10 years before. They started to blog last year and have quite some nice posts on it. One post diskusses whether feature driven

Performance Test with Selenium?

In the current project the customer wants to have a simple Performance Compare Test. The customer wants to be sure, that the changes we made inthe software will not worsen the performance. Since the effort to make a full-blown load-

Goal Levels and Agile Processes

After having read „Getting Things Done“ (GTD) by David Allen, I realized that one can merge the ideas of GTD and agile software development processes. In GTD David Allan proposes to have several goal level. The vision of life leads